My new song

Here is my new song, 7th wave:

Let me know

New mix after input further down.

Pretty good song but the mix is very muddly. Lots of sounds in the same frequency range. I’d A/B this with some Van Morrison, you’ll get a good idea of what needs what for a cleaner production :sunglasses:

Thanks for input. I know. I have been on Cubase for 12 years now, but I never really learned how to compress and eq. It´s a very hard song to mix.

I really like the track. The problem seems to be mostly with the drum overheads, I think if you cut out a lot of bass and low mids from those it’ll be much better. Nice and uplifting song!

A real feelgood song :wink:
In addition of what is mentioned by Strophoid and philter2011, I think you should work on the panning. To me it sounded that you didn’t pan anything. Make the horns wider, pan the drums and guitars too.
Good luck! :wink:

Ok thanks for all the input. It really helps me out. Now I cut the room tracks of the drums low mid to get rid of the muddynes of the drums. I also did this on the overheads and bought up the to snare tracks. Bottom and top. I also panned the drums to 50 something I did on the horns and guitars and also the vocals. In my opinion it sounds better than before. I also eq d the 4 electric guitars different.

Here is a mp3:

Im really liking this song too.

Niice catchy chorus! :sunglasses:

With the adjusments you’ve made its opened up and is sounding better.
Im finding the bass guitar a bit of a distraction at the mo, very boomy and…over compressed, maybe??
What are your bass gtr EQ and compression settings if you dont mind me asking?


On the bass. I know I have had some problems getting it right.


1)Ampeg svx
2) Eq gain at 300hz 11db(I know its a lot but I had too) and cut at 139hz
3)Waves Maserati B72
4)Compressor waves C1 at 8 radio and 2 attack and realese at 1905 sidechained to the kick threshhold at att 10db
5) Eq again waves q10 cut at 300hz at 8db to 1000hz

I had some real problems with the bass

tested it and it seems like it was the ampeg that was causeing the boom. Or very sub bass sound. Turned it off.

Cheers for posting the info! :wink:

(I know its a lot but I had too)

Ive had to do the same if not worse to my old bass to
try and get the sound I was after, unfortunatly nothing I done worked, so in the end I cheated and bought
Trilian :laughing:

Doesnt matter if you stick 20 plugins on the bass, if it works, its all good, but im guessing your bass
aint giving you a good sound to start with?

If you havent got something like this, I would highly recommend downloading this (its free)

This will give you a pretty good visual of whats going on in your audio.
It’s helped me no end over the last several months.

What id try…

Solo the bass, turn all plugins off, shift them all down one then place an EQ before the Ampex
(but dont turn the EQ on yet)
Place the Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst on the last insert and turn on.
Have a listen to the bass and ‘see’ whats going on.
Is there really a lot of energy going on below 139hz to warrant cutting it? could you get away with just cutting
below 60hz etc etc?
With the EQ now on insert 1, id try getting the bass to sound as good as can be first, so you’ve got something good
going into the Ampex.
Then, compression after the Ampex. A setting I always start with (just something im used to) 40 attack, 80 realease, 4.1/5.1 ratio, soft knee, then adjust from there.
See how the bass is sounding now with these different tweeks, im not familiar with the waves B72, but im guessing its to enhance? if so, does the bass still need this plugin, if yes, id probably place it last.
Keep checking the Blue Cat plugin throughout so you can see aswell as hear whats going on.

There are Im sure, several other factors involved that i havent mentioned, and many different ways to skin a cat (no cats were harmed in any of this by the way :smiley: ) but hopefully ive given you an idea to try out at least :wink:
If it doesnt work, or it makes things worse you can always revert back … :blush: :laughing:


It is a strong song and the vocal is really nice. Very good delivery.

The mix has a variety of problems, from a mega-woolly bottom to very skewed
drums, prolly overheads? Those hats are really loud. :wink: I also think the ac.gtr
has some chord/fingering/intonation issues.

But there is a heap of potential in this project.

Not sure where to begin in terms of advice, and Sav is already on your case.
You need a room where you can trust the monitoring, which I suspect is a lot of
the problem for you in this mix. If you don’t have a good room, you will always find it
tricky to get things to sit tight and right.

Good tune.


Brought up the high eq to bring out the scream of the horns and also on vocals. Turned down the basses EQ and also turned down the crashes.

Hard song to mix

New mix:

Let me know what more I could do with the mix

Thanks for all the input!

Sounding better, but not sure if anything can be done about those hats,
which really spoil the entire track.

I can hear now that the horns and the wah guitar are in competition with each other.
Yesterday I thought it was a single synth patch. :astonished: :laughing: I think there will always be
a slight seperation/clarity issue there as the parts are more or less identical.

Finally, there is a long sustained note at 1:15 that hangs on for several seconds.
It’s also off-pitch so it’s doubly annoying. Can you zap it?

If it were my project, I’d start from scratch.



Definately getting there now. The first and second verse are very good now, good job on the bass! I find it a shame you turned down the wah guitar so much, I quite liked that in earlier versions.

Not sure what to suggest for the busier parts though, like Jet said the cymbals are far too busy for the track. You may have cut just a little bit too much from the lower end of the horns, but they probably work better this way with the guitar so that’s hard to say.

As for the long sustained note: I noticed that too and wasn’t sure if it was intentional. I do in fact quite like it, but you could bring it down a little perhaps.

Still a promising song and you’ve come a long way already!

Hats change to ride? It would fit the funk with the rest of the song. Just my opinion…

Sounding a bit better with a little less bass guitar energy, I can hear the kick better now.
Bass gtr is still a bit heavy in that bottom end and woolly sounding though :frowning:
kinda making the low notes sound like their finger picked rather than thumb slapped.

Been listening to this for the past hour or so, trying to take mental notes of levels and EQ changes
that I could advice you on, but in not really sure where to start.
I dont mean that in a bad way, I just don’t really know how to put it all down in writting.
I’d much prefer to (and would be happy to) have a go at the mix for you, then do another PDF of pics like I did with the bass, so you could see what I’d done.
Would only be a rough mix (balance and EQ if you want), something you can import into your project and refer to while doing little tweeks to your own mix, let me know what you think! :wink: