My new songs! Please check these out!

These are my songs :slight_smile:


  1. Bubble

  2. Focus My Eyes On You

    I hope you guys enjoy my songs and get some any feedbacks from you.
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Radio ready! Nice performance and mix.

We should probably also talk more about the equipment used when we post our songs. Assuming that it was “Made with Steinberg”, I’d personal like to know what hardware was used. digital mixers? Preamps? Mics used? a/d and d/a converters? What kind of environments were the instruments and vocals recorded in? Studio? Basement? Bedroom? Mastered how and by whom?

Thank you for giving me a feedback :slight_smile:

I used Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 as a audio-interface and Rode NT1 as a microphone.
And I also used Line6 POD X3 to record the guitar’s sound.
Drums are my own custom kit of Battery VST, Bass is Trilogy!
And all guitars were recorded with my only electric guitar: Fender American Standard Stratocaster.

There was no pre-amps neither digital mixer.

I didn’t use any additional A/D and D/A, but only my shit: Scarlett 8i6

And vocals were recorded in my own bedroom.

And I mixed and mastered the entire process of my songs.

Thank you for giving me feedback!
I really appreciated it :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask me if you have any question, or you can even add me on facebook!

good tunes. well produced …