My new track, "Beauty On Tinder" - now released on all platforms

This will be released on Saturday, sneak prewiev.
I have done everything myself! Maybe I should have a medal? A burger and a coke?? An apple???

My BeautyOnTinder is released on all platforms

Money for nothing and chicks for free in Tinder is your reward.

But your video is private. Too explicit to be open to the world.

Sorry, now its available Knopf

Crazy, chaotic, insane.

I love it!

That comb filter in vocals was intended?

Thanx! Great feedback! I am not sure, I have Avox Choir on the vocals? What is comb filter?

I meant the FX in real vocals, not the choir. The comb filter appears when you have a track and a copy of it and you shift the copy a little in time. That creates an echo effect that is a little weird. It is called comb filter, because some frequencies cancel due to the delayed signal and the spectrum looks like a comb


It is not the best FX that one can choose for making an echo, but if someone choose it from esthetic reasons, nobody can stop you.

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Thanks Knopf. I understand, I don remember exactly what I did but there might be additional effects. It could even be double tracks with some shift, this can be a mistake I liked and kept in the track. I worked very intensively and got a sound that I liked and used “render in place” early in the project. It would be nice to hear something you are working on, are you a musician or do you only mix? You can have my e-mail if you like, I like to discuss both mixing/mastering and music topics/Roffe

Hello Rolf, I make my music, but just as hobby. And am learning to mix and produce in general, as hobby too. At the moment I have mixed some complete pieces that are not of mine, to be able to learn ( it is not easy at all). For my own music I have only mock-ups or sections, still nothing to show as complete production.

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I am also non-pro, I agree, mixing is very hard. To make the vocals “sit in the mix”-not easy.
What instruments do you play?