My new track "Shaman Way" is psychill,trance experience

Hi everybody!
My new track “Shaman Way” is psychill,trance genre experience with many natural flute and
inflatable sounds into a melodic combination with electronic psytrance music.
I use Wavelab elements 9 for mixing and mastering
Thanks in advance

Hey Cosmic Rain, I enjoyed it; it made sense to me. Really liked the flute sounds. I wasn’t sure what the inflatable sounds were, but that’s ok!

I m glad u find it interesting :slight_smile:

… btw I’m thinking the wind organ flute and other natural drum sounds,“inflatable” is a bad translate, sorry English isn’t my native language.

Ah, I see! Hope you submit more. Now that I think about it, maybe you meant “airy”?

Correct :slight_smile: :blush: