my NEW wix page

I had fun putting this together.
What d’ya think?

Your website looks pretty nice. I haven’t listened to the music yet but will when I get a chance. I thought Bandcamp was pretty good for letting the user choose album art and song title art, etc, but it looks like this allows even more customizing. I see that it is not just for music. I will check into this more. Thanks for introducing it.

Nice work Michael. I may well have a dabble with that later :sunglasses:

If I could only get the music playback that Bandcamp provides native to wix (i.e. not linking out to Bandcamp like you did) I’d be switching to that.

Coool :sunglasses: Looks like quite a good DIY website facility with what appear to be easy to use templates. :slight_smile:

Yes, having to link out to Bandcamp or any other music host is perhaps something of adisadvantage. It would be nice if Wix hosted MP3’s natively. I wondered if you could in fact upload music tracks and then embed your own MP3 player on a nominated page? I had a quick look at their FAQ but it wasn’t immediately obvious if this could be done but then I found this sample page:!vstc0=music

anyway, it all looks rather ‘flash’ :wink: