My Next Pooter :ugeek:


in 20 years time it’ll be sitting in some landfill in India and we’ll all have phones twice as powerful! :wink:

Indeed, my new phone has a quad processor and can be expanded up to 128 Gig of storage :open_mouth:

That would be enough :wink: for me to ugrade my system for the moment :wink:

Greetz Bassbase

Power:7890.00 kW
Memory:1572864 GB

I may need a direct feed into the National Grid :laughing:

And asbestos clothing to protect you from the heat.

In Per Hithkier through the galaxy thy say earth is a big computer :wink:
how do i rewire mars and jupiter And what can i do about the latency
and do you also have crashes when you try to make venus a slave computer?

Funnily enough “they” claim it’s the most power efficient super computer ever made!!!

Feel the power!