My old e license broke The code isn't working.

I dont know what to do and I need to work on some music!

I lost my old e licenser and bought a new one at guitar center. I got the code for the temporary one or something when you loose it and when I plug it in to the new cubase 9 that I downloaded it says there is no license to upgrade. I don’t know what to do at this point I am lost. Please help.

start by spending a minimum amount of your time, giving a useful description.

might not be really helpful for anyone spending his time trying to help you :unamused:. Which code did you get from where and why do you think you need to update an older license instaed of just downloading the temporary license you got?

It sounds like he activated Steinberg Zero Downtime and bought a Cubase 9 upgrade before Steinberg support was able to restore his old licenses.

Cubase 9 should still be usable for as long as the Zero Downtime license lasts, but you’ll have to wait for support to restore your licenses before you can use your upgrade code.

Yes sorry I was burnt out trying to figure it out.

I got the down time license but I guess steinberg never restored my old license which is strange because I talked to 2 different people through email and they never talked about it. So the solution is to have them restore my old license then?

Still not clear what you’re doing. Is the activation code you are trying to enter the ZDT one?
This should work for 30 days without any restoration of your existing license.