My old projects - :(

The problem.

I have a squizillion projects on my old windows PC drive in SX2 format

My old windows PC is toast.

Kablooie. Gone. Kaput. In short… An ex-PC. I have extracted the hard drive and it’s readable on my mac.

However, even if I crawl around the loft and find them, I’m pretty sure my old SX2 Mac install disks are not going to install under snow leopard.

The only cubase I have right now that is vaguely current is LE4. That won’t even pretend to understand what an SX2 project is.

I suspect there isn’t a solution to this… I’m not going to buy a PC just for this.

Perhaps it’s for the bast. I have WAV mixdowns for most stuff, so it will have to be a case of starting from scratch.

Not a bad thing, necessarily.



Greetings Mark,

One option would be to send the CD-ROMs to someone that has SX2 and have them render WAV files for each audio track. The MIDI tracks (SMF) could be exported as well … without the necessity of having the original VSTi’s used in the projects … which can be reworked by you later.

You still might be able to recover a substantial number of tracks. Even if you don’t pursue restoring all the works … and it might be worthwhile for certain pieces.

Let me know if I may be of help.

Best Wishes,

What version are you running now? A full C 4,5 or 6 will open SX2 .cpr’s.

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Hey Mark,

Using another sequencer (even on a different platform) should not matter if the project tracks are in WAV and SMF format. If the exports are done with the same start/stop points (each track rendered from the start point and through to the end of audio/midi for that track, then everything should line up precisely in whatever DAW you use.

The biggest obstacle will be getting the rendered WAV files to you. The file-sizes will be large, perhaps too large for some folks to upload to the cloud where you could download them. Even do, rendering onto DVD and popping in the mail would get it done with little fuss-or-muss.

I wouldn’t give up on salvaging your projects this way. I bet there are quite a few folks hereabouts that would be willing to assist with one-or-more of your projects. You can count on me if you want to go down that path.

Best Wishes,

Aloha M,
Is it possible to rent/borrow a PC for a while?


yeah, and a Cubase 6 Trial for 30 (?) days.
Maybe you even like it?

Bootcamp into XP. Load SX2, export. Done.

I encourage you to make an attempt to retrieve those projects. We’ll all help you. I have SX3 (not installed, but I’d be willing to reinstall it) and I’m going to assume they would open in C5 or C6 as well.