my opening menu gets stuck on"Initializing scan state"elem6

I recently bought a version of cubase elements 6 and upon installing the first time it was fine. But upon opening it the second time it was getting stuck on "initializing scan states " while the program was loading. So I tried closing it the program it was not responding and I had to reboot to close the program. So I uninstalled it reinstalled it and it wouldn’t load right at all it would be missing the icon and even the program at times and it did this about ten times now. Eventually i opened cubase installer and installed the program in repair mode and the program worked… Just once!!! and upon re opening it the second time it got stuck in “initializing scan states” once again.

I am very confused I am not sure what this means so I cant figure it out. Does anyone know how to fix the problem, or tell me whats wrong? I have been trying to get a service tech on the phone but there is no phone number anywhere and i already filled out a service report and havnt heard anything back yet:/ please help me.

Try this:[keyword_search]=Preferences

That sounds like it’s trying to scan your VST plugins?