My padshop presets do not appear in my presets folder when viewed in the location tree

Hi, I altered an existing padshop sound (programs) from the Padshop Factory Content and then saved it. To do so, I hit the save icon and created a new folder - “My Presets” and saved it there.

When I then looked in the location tree, the new folder , My Presets, appeared but when I clicked on this folder, the saved preset did not appear in it. The newly saved preset did, however, appear in the complete list of Padshop Factory Content programs.

Ideally, the newly saved preset should appear in the My Presets folder but I am not sure how to do this. Would be very grateful for some help.

It happend to me as well. I solved this way:
Cubase has a general preset browser for all plugins, that is included in the plugin window. It’s a little black space in the upper part of the plugin window, just above Padshop’s browser. If you click in there, it opens a browser window which seems a duplicate of Padshop’s browser at first sight but it has a Location Tree more feature: this is a sort of an explorer view that enables you to navigate in your computer to find the directory where you saved your presets. When you click on that, your individual presets appear on the right.
The fact that we cannot see them directly in the Padshop browser is odd, isn’t it? Padshop’s browser is indeed common to other Cubase synths and it is still obscure to me in its logic, and not explained in the manual…

Hi fcarosone,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my query.

Even though you described the location of the “little black space in the upper part of the plugin window, just above Padshop’s browser”, I’m having trouble finding it and, hence, the “Location Tree more feature”.

Could I trouble you for a screen shot?