My PC Laptop is making a noise when headphone are in

ever since I have installed Cubase on my PC there is a noise when I plug the headphones in, It is really doing my head in now, I have has a mess on with the sound options but nothing will stop the noise. it only happens when the headphone are plugged in, no noise comes out the laptop speakers when PC is running Help me please

Try using your headphones with the laptop running off battery and see if the noise dissapears.

Hello that worked runningthe laptop of the battery and thereis no noise now, I feel a bit daft not trying that thanks very much for your help :wink:

do you know a way I can run the laptop plugged in and not get the noise, I have just ordered a Steinberg MR816CSX so should not have to use the headphone once this is up and running?

Hello thanks for advice turned of to be the laptop being plugged in to the mains, I am used to using A tower just got cubase 7 and laptop so just getting used to it after using a G4 Mac and Logic 6 so bit of learning to be done :wink: Thanks again

Sounds like some sort of grounding problem. Try lifting the ground or reversing the polarity on your power cable. I had this problem with my Acer laptop. I would run the audio from the headphone jack and it produced a noise like a 60 cycle hum. When I would disconnect the power cable and run on battery it was quiet and pristine. Using an audio interface solved that problem since the sound is no longer channeled through the headphone output of the laptop.

A lot of laptops have hum over the headphone socket when using mains, they are not the best quality shielded inside.

My macbook pro doesn’t hum but my Sony viao does, you can purchase a ground lift, cut the earth (not recommended) or rearrange your power supplies to operate in a star earth formation, always use one socket for all gear and plug one 4way into that then take 4ways off each socket in the 1st 4 way, keep your computer/amp /speakers into one 4 way, this will eliminate hum.

Always check the earths in the 4ways and sockets to see if it is connected properly, any loose earths and the circuit will take path of least resistance, usually through a 1/4" cable to a metal rack then use an earth of a metal cased module that has lesser resistance, thus introducing that ground loop hum.

Some laptops will still hum whatever you do, if yours is one of these, just use an earth lift extension.

I have now noticed I had been using a power pack I got online for another laptop, on my laptop that I use for cubase, I have now conneted the Toshiba power pack to the laptop I use for cubase and the noise no longer happens. So this is all down to a cheap power pack I bought. Thanks for everone that got in touch.