My personal Nightmare...

This is bad… real bad…
I have come to do a cruesome job, sent to me by evil spirits…, yet, well payed…
I need to import 150 MP3s in to Nuendo, get them leveled and tweaked as good as it gets within the give time and budget.
Then I should render them as MP3s again and those MP3s are supposed to obtain the same Metadata or Tags as the ones I received.
My question would be: is there a smart way to get the song titels, album names, etc.,… into the new MP3s, again?
Can one transfer the data from the original MP3s to the new ones?

I’d be grateful for any input …

Big K ( oh, why meee??? )

Easy going.

This is for you, and it’s very easy to handle (plus, yeah, it is actually freeware, so no trouble…)

Export all tags to a *.txt file, make sure you keep the same order as before (!!), then re-tag the processed files using the *.txt file.

Here you go :slight_smile:

Never mind the tags - what will be really horrific will be what these will sound like after being rendered to MP3 - again. :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch, Matthias
I will try it tomorrow.

Aside from the fact that the mere mentioning of the phrase MP3 is bending my toenails
I got them to sound about as good as the original ( Massive Passive, Neve, Pultek, SPL…).
So, the main goal to get them leveled and tonally better balanced went smoother than I expected.
It is mainly a bunch of 70s/80s rocksongs and some of those old production sounded realy cheesy.
I guess, they’ll be very happy with it…

Big K



What label?
I find it strange that you get sent MP3 sources of classic tracks to remaster…but I am a suspicious old cynic.

No Label … none-commercial.
This is strictly for private use. A label bringing in MP3s would be very strange, indeed.

The collection was done to MP3 by the customer and then found too different in sound and level.
Not really a wonder, is it? … But, too late. The original LPs and CDs are out of reach now.
And yes, there are actually still some people about who have the dough to get things done the way they want it…lol.

Big K now friends with a sheik… :wink:

I’ve had a few like that too - our guy wanted vinyl>24/96 DVDA though.
Can be fun.

OT, but have you seen the Thomas Lund presentation from Rome’s Loudness conflab?
The one where he discusses the loudness wars and data reduction, and the damage these things do to audio?
Superb stuff…there should be a link in the Media Lounge

Hi Neill
Not yet seen, but will today. I have watched some other 50 min Rome vids about what 128 actually is and what its applications can be. Truly interesting, if it gets reinforces world-wide. The sooner, the better!!

Big K


did the little proggie do the job ?

I would have just added the Replay Gain to each file and then advise the client to get a player with RG. Solved.


Not solved…lol
This is not a kid and not exactly the job you expect from an audio studio…
And it would not get rid of the differences in sound either.

Hi Matthias
I have been investigating and I think, if you do the job in WL7 (importing taged MP3, tweak and render in MP3 format again ) it keeps the original MetaData. If I can get this to work with multiple files at once needs to be seen, though…
This job is done and your progy was surely of help. Thanks again!

I just tried this in SF10, it will save the meta data out again when saved as MP3 (but doesn’t save the comments meta)

The main disadvantage here is keeping a reference track open and AB’ing rather than a linear method you’d use in Nuendo. I’m sure other editors may work the same way - audacity may - it’s opensource and free.

Alternatively you could do all your volume matching in Nuendo and then bounce down each track individually and then use LAME Enc to re-encode them.

This tool will batch extract metadata, and then batch import metadata (in the docs - I’ve not tried it personally)

At least this is how I’d go about it with the least amount of time.