My plugins ran away! the beat calculator and more

hi guys,
where can I find the beat calc in cubase 13??
isn’t it sopossed to be at the project bar?? can’t find it.
I also can’t see the sound shifter, formant, and some kinds of the reverb effect.
do I have to install all of that from somewhere??
I just install cubase from the official site of steinberg.
do i have to install the plugins seperatly???

thanks to all who go to answer my question.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The Beat Calculator is not a plug-in. It has been discused many times here on the forum, already. This is one of the many threads.

What exactly do you mean by these?

There are:

  • REVelation
  • REVerence
  • RoomWorks
  • RoomWorks SE

thank you Martin,
I saw you said to find it in the panel, how can i use it??
i have read what you wrote in the thread, but it is not working.
should I click on that tap btn?
i clicked on it, then with the space, but the spacr stops the playing. so i can’t figure it out. can you explain??
and regard the reverb -
it is fine. thanks

Beat Calculator - in the Project menu is called ‘Tempo Detection’. Although I find the it’s much faster to just (while playing the track) hold down shift and tap the space bar in time to the track. The tempo dialogue will change while you are tapping. Then you can round it to the closest number. You also may have to align the track to the nearest down beat.

Could you explain more specific your method? This sounds so easy… I mean I’m always looking for ease up things

Let’s please not pretend that the old Beat Calculator is still present in Cubase 13. Tempo Detection works quite differently.


Not sure if Beat Calculator and Tempo Detection are the same thing; I hardly ever used it. I’d do it the old fashioned way…time 24 beats (if it’s 4/4 time) with a stop watch and divide it into 1440.
But this way is faster. Open a project; turn on the metronome and press play; it can be an empty project. Now hold down the shift key and start tapping the space bar at the tempo you desire; it will change the tempo to whatever tempo you are tapping. I like to round it out by hand…87.384 to 87bpm; just type it in.


Your method might be fine for getting a rough idea of the tempo but sometimes a higher degree of accuracy is required.

thank you Albert.
your explanation was very clear, I tried it and it ran well!!
thank you
and thanks to everybody hear.

so do you have a better way to calc the tempo?

  1. Time 16 beats;
  2. Divide 60 by the time you get in step 1;
  3. Multiply by the 16 beats;

60 / t x 16 where t is the time of the 16 beats.
Most phones have a stopwatch function.
You’ll probably have to have an Instagram account for this link:

Memories, I used to do it by tapping 10 seconds and multiply the taps by 6… Sampling with goldwave for fasttracker :sweat_smile:

Amount of beats in selection * 60[s] / duration of selection[s]

You can get the duration of the selection by using the Range Tool and switching Cubase’s time display to “Seconds” (by default the . key). It will then be displayed in the Info Line.
You get the amount of beats by, well, counting them.

The horror!