My poor moog

Hi guys,

I’ve recently bought a Moog Minitaur. Super excited. However, I’ve discovered that when I amplify the moog (such as with a distortion pedal, or ITB using some other distortion/saturation plug) I get this horrible hissy, washy, weird tuning style sounds basically horrible interference noise. Part of that interference is my USB mouse and keyboard: you can hear some certain noises bleeping away when I type or move the mouse. So, switching to the finger pad and laptop keyboard, I can still hear another interference noise which I cant pin down. Its either my screen or the laptop itself. Now, the issue with the Minitaur is that the ins and outs aren’t balanced. What I want to know is if it is possible to mod synths to that the I/Os are balanced? Is it easy to do? Where should I look for parts etc? OR is there an easier fix to my interference problem?

Many thanks guys.

Don’t know about your interference but using a good DI box will get you a balanced signal if you need a long cable run.

Cheers mate, it’s looking that that will have to be the solution. Moog don’t offer any mods to make the I/Os balanced. Seems flawed to me to offer them unbalanced in the first place but never mind. I’ll try a DI box.

You don’t mention what audio interface you use. For the type of interference you are describing that’s where I would be looking.

I’ve recently tried using a TRS to XLR cable and it has dramatically reduced the volume level of the interference, I am doing to try plugging it in on its own power supply. Failing that, a DI box.