My Post Production features request list

Hi, I do post production work professionally for the past 15 years, my software of choice has always been Cubase for post work (keep in mind I am a Steinberg Trainer, a Pro tools Expert and a Logic certified trainer, so if I choose Cubase is because so far there is nothing better for post than Cubase/Nuendo)

1- Audio History Presets
Since version 5 I have been wanting to have the ability to save presets on the Audio History Window, so I can have a preset for a chain of fx applied to the clips and be able to quickly recall these presets.

2- Better Izotope Connect Integration
The Izotope connect just works better in Pro Tools, but I don’t want to work in PT, I rather do it in Cubase, BUT Izotope Connect is becoming a really handy feature and Izotope itself is a super powerful tool, so please make it better, we need to be able to send via Izotope Connect a selection of clips instead of one by one for example.

3- Aloud local machine eLicenser to work with Cubase 8
I am tired of unplugin and plugin my eLicenser every time I need to change from my studio computer to my laptop

4- Color entire tracks on mix console
The mix console is still not as ergonomic as other DAWs, we need the ability to color the entire tracks on mix console in order for the colors to be really useful.

hope someone is reading this…