My products not listed in Steinberg Download Products

Where are my products in download manager? my product downloads only has lofi piano but doesn’t mention my cubase? Where is it?

In actuality, that list is not of your purchased licenses. You have to look at the Activation Manager, (or the Elicenser Control Center for older licenses) for that info.

Also that info is in your Steinberg account.

OK, thanks, now I just need to get past …
if you do not have an account …you can create on etc… which I thought I had done a while ago that is why cubase 10 pro is sitting on my system, loading etc

No, that’s not the reason. If you want to troubleshoot, post the relevant info about your OS and exact product names. (Pro, Le, Artist, etc.

Win 10, cubase 10 pro

  • Restart your machine.
  • Run Cubase in Safe Mode to rule out corrupt preferences

Provide precise details of the exact symptoms you observe if you write back. Keep in mind no one here can see your machine display, or know anything about your system.

Hi, unsure what other details I can include here…I could take some screenshots …would that help?

All I have listed is LO FI piano in my product downloads…

It’s not even clear what you are asking. Look around the forum to see how people post for troubleshooting help.

You haven’t really stated the reason behind your question. Have you just recently obtained Cubase 10 and want to install it now? Or is it installed already and you want to see if updates are available?

I have purchased a copy of Halion off of eBay and would like to add it to my account but as this seems like a task it is not wanting to play ball perhaps I should ask for a refund.

This is confusing as you have mentioned Cubase in your intitial post and now it is about Halion.
Which version of Halion? And ddi you buy the full version or Halion Sonic?

Hi, this was in response to the earlier question. Why do I want to see my purchases? Because it would be good to see what I actually own. I bought halion 6.5 for £65. (previous question) Thanks.

Full version 6

Ok, I have loaded up my activation manager and it does not show my licenses in it, not even cubase. It says to load the download assistant and it does not show anything other than lots of installers. I am trying to figure this out myself but if someone could help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Does the license live on the computer?

I’ve filled in my preferences too.

The activation manager is new, and starts with Halion 7 and Cubase 12.

So you need to do all this using the Elicenser.

You would be wise to read Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

Found them in my e-licensor, added halion…thanks.