My project crashed in 8.5

Unbelievable!! My project just CRASHED when I went from 5.5.3 to my new 8.5 It says file is corrupt!! I always back up my projects but I was so tired I forgot to last night. What do I do?? PLease HELP! :cry:


Most likely some plug-in, used in the project, is not Cubase 8.5 compatible. Could you try to update all your plug-ins, please?

Yes you are probably right. But, How do I find my bak.file for this project and then how do I open it to Cubase? I need coaching because I’m so new to 8.5. I am still using 5.5.3 I need to recover my project. It can’t be lost forever. Help someone. Thanks

The BAK file should be in the same folder as the projects CPR (project) file.


The back file has not been probably created, because there is no reason for this. Just open the CPR file, after your plug-ins will be up-to-date.