My Project May Have Become Too Big

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Cubase and my present project is now 10 minutes long with lots of VST instruments and plug-ins going and it sounds good. But I’m getting some strange things happening. On playback everything is fine most of the time but the other day I had a note sticking on. Sometimes when I freeze a track Cubase doesn’t play back the audio, also, when I open a project Cubase often can’t find the audio files for frozen tracks so it unfreezes them.

I’ve had Cubase put the MIDI notes in the wrong place when opening up a project, and when recording drums the other day Cubase was putting the MIDI notes somewhere else but leaving a strange artefact, like an audio spike, where the notes should be. So, all sorts of weird things like this are happening. It also keeps saying when I open a project that some of my eLicenses can’t be found and so it won’t load the VST instrument but the VST instruments do load and played okay. This changes from day to day where different licenses have problems. I set the buffer to 2048 but still these strange things happening. My eLicenser is up to date.

I wondered if my i7 4790K was too slow so I was eyeing up an i7 6900K system but when I looked into it I found a Steinberg article talking about DAW requirements and it said that multicore processors often slow things down because the cores have to interact with each other. The article also said that a higher clock rate is better and a high single core performance is best. So I looked up the i7 4790K vs the i7 6900K and the 4790 beat it in single core tests, it even beat its replacement which is the i7 7700K, so my processer is fine.

I have all Sumsang SSD drives and 16GB of RAM.

The project is finished now and maybe the answer is to keep things simpler in future.

Has anyone else had these sorts of problems?

The project size is not tied to the build size (.exe, .app, .apk, etc). You may have imported a lot of stuff that you are not using on sbi online