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Your partner Asknet did not help.
I have purchased Cubasis 2 full feature set and Cubasis 3 LE from the app store . All in app applications as well. None are cab restored after resetting my ipad restored with the same apple id. . I can forward my receipts from apple store and my licenses from my My steinberg account page showing my licenses. Please help me out to fix this problem or refund accordingly. Very disappointing.

Hi drdemirel,

Thank you for your message.

These are the steps to freely transfer your existing Cubasis LE 2 instrument and plug-in in-app purchases to Cubasis LE 3:

In addition, please note that Cubasis LE 2 and Cubasis LE 3 come with their dedicated Full Feature Set In-App Purchase, which is not transferrable.

From time to time the Cubasis apps and selected in-app purchases are offered on sale. Today, our Xmas sale ends. If you have plans to purchase the CB LE 3 Full Festure Set IAP, it might be still available at a reduced price.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

No It does not help since this is not what I am asking for LARS !

The Cubasis 3 was purchased from Turkish app store on August the 8th 2020 . The app can be seen under the in my Media Purchases under Settings window on my ipad. But I can not see the app when I go to the apple store to re download it to my new Ipad . I was in touch with the apple support many times . Eventually I was instructed to get in touch with you to solve the problem. Please give me an e mail address for me to forward all correspondences with Apple support and my receipt. I hope this can be solved . Thank you

Hi drdemirel,

App Store purchases are stored to the account used for the purchase.

In the case of Cubasis, you can install the app on the devices, which are logged on to the account, used for the purchase. This is the same case for every iOS app.

Here are some additional tipps to check:

  • Log off the iPad from the App Store
  • Fully shut down the device, restart and log-in to the App Store again
  • Give it a try to enable iCloud to check, if it helps to solve the issue
  • Refresh your WiFi / internet settings (restart your server etc.)

If you encounter issues in this regard, please get in touch with Apple, since we’re unable to do something about it.

Hope that helps!