My recorded signal is strangely too low!

Hi guys, this sounds like a stupid question but I cant get it to work.
I have got a TC helicon vocal mic preamp, connected to my interface. It works, I can hear everything in the headphones, mic gain is cranked up, BUT, the recorded signal in Cubase 8 is RIDICULOUSLY low, something below -30 db. The signal of the input channel is normal, the signal IN the pre is close to max, but the recorded file is too low.

What could be the cause? All faders are up. No processing anywhere.

What unit exactly and what connection are you using to your interface?

Could be a -10db interfacing into a 4db input, that would mess your gain structure up. As Grim says, we need more info. Worth also checking that your input channel fader is correctly set - both fader and gain trim. Also any gain control in your audio interface needs to be set in its own mixer if it has one.

Maybe you activated a PAD to attenuate the signal. Like in the UR28M… You have to be careful. Your interface and cubase are good enough to do the job? Why do you have 2 preamps connected?