My recording session yesterday

Using cubase 7.01 on a simple session yesterday and heres the problems i came up against
the most anoying was the insert tab on the mixconsole completely dissappeared I tried turning it off and on again but still not showing, switching mix control from full screen to window and back solved the problem.
Next, tried to send a group channel to a reverb effects channel but the reverb channel did not show up in the routing options although single channels would work, only answer to this was to delete the effects channel and set up a new one, problem solved.
Transport panel just dissappears pressing f2 brings it back again.
I recorded 5 tracks just acoustic guitar and vocals, 3 mics on the vocals and 2 mics on the guitar, a great opportunity to save channel presets but NO way to save them.
Afterwards I was so frustrated that I decided to check the alternative daws so downloaded a demo of Samplitude, and i have to say that if Steinberg dont get there act together I will switch, Cubase 7 is very stable and I have not had any crashes or lockups although I get permanent redlining on the performance meter I have learned to ignore this. I know they are not bothered with losing 1 customer but IMHO Cubase 7 should never have been released.
So its back to 6.5 for the time being while learning another daw.
Rant over

In 7.02 you can at least save your channel settings again, that didn’t work in 7.01.

The dissappearing racks problem will hopefully be solved soon…