my registered copy of Cubase isn't in my profile!

I’ve had Cubase 6.5.5 for four years, registered when I upgraded. I went to MySteinberg to see what was there - nothing! Except an old e licensor which appears to be empty.
I replaced my E licensor dongle a few months ago - might this have caused the problem?
I can’t work it out! I will need to if I am ever to upgrade!!

I’m assuming that you transferred your licenses from your old dongle to the new one, right? And now you can’t find Cubase in your MySteinberg account, right?

Hmm… if you load the elicenser control center, and plug in your new dongle. Do you then see your licenses? If so, then run the maintenance function on the dongle, which I think will or should update your MySteinberg account. But I’m not 100% sure. If you don’t see the licenses, log into you MySteinberg account, and send a support mail to Steinberg from there. Ask them about the license transfer to the new dongle, and why you don’t see them. They probably have an answer for you :slight_smile:

Thanks v much for this. Your logic is accurate. I have tried what you suggest, but nothing happened (I think).
I’ve e mailed Steinberg support.
Let’s see!

Have you registered the new eLicenser in your MySteinberg account?

You need to enter the dongle’s serial number in your account. If it was a brand new USB key, this should work without a problem. If the key has had a previous owner, it must be removed from the old account first. It can then be registered in your account.

Transferring a license from one eLicenser to another one removes the license from the old place (dongle and account). The previous dongle will be empty, or at least it will be missing the transferred license. Before the new eLicenser is tied to an account, only the dongle itself (and the Steinberg database) will know where the transferred license sits.

I hope this will help you to get the license back into your account.