My Regret (instrumental)

I was going to write lyrics to this, but they didn’t come forth

I really liked that, nice playing and very soothing song.
I thought this song could use a subtle bass coming in at for example 1:50. To be honest I think this is better without vocals, they would spill the relaxed mood of the song, and I can’t think of a subject for the lyrics that would fit this feeling.

Great track!

very nice , good quality recording ,nice tune, i just have an issue with the melody at 0.46 it belongs to another tune cant think of the title but its either deer hunter or some andrew lloyd webber thing, apart from that very good.

Really nice, Doug. Very tastefully put together.
I’ve never known you to be a classical guitarist, and this is such a flawless
performance and with absolutely no string noise, so I’m assuming it’s sampled?
If so, my only issue is that it’s such a soft and delicate piece, yet most of the guitar work
is very agressive with the right hand. I’d soften the attack on much of that by lowering the velocities.
I hear it soften at the very end of the song, otherwise it’s quite strong throughout. I’d lower it a bit in the mix, as well.


Hi Doug

Just listened on my laptop speakers so can’t comment too much but it is a nice composition and nicely played. I’ll have a listen on my monitors the next couple of days.

I think it’s ‘Memories’ from the musical ‘Cats’

very nice…and it doesn’t need vocals.

This is exactly what I had in mind as well but I didn’t say it because I had a feeling that the term ‘attack’ wouldn’t be the right word for it. (thought it only applied to fx) Decided to leave that comment out as to not look too stupid :blush:
Glad Lenny agrees though, I really only very recently started listening to music this carefully. freq balance etc I never bothered with, so I really need to train my hearing in that aspect.

Yeah… repeats again at 1:46. I was trying to think of it too? It was instantly recognizable to me as another tune… is it from Cats??

Anyway… aside from the obvious plagiarism :laughing: its a very nice piece Doug. :smiley:
In that same kind of catagory as the tune Cavatina I guess.

One thing you might want to experiement with is adding some fret and string noise. I did this once many years ago when I used a sampled nylon. It just injects that extra amount of realism and makes it so much more convincing. Though it was as I recall extraodinarily difficult finding the right time and place for the noises. I used a HALion nylon guitar sample at the time which included a whole bunch of these sounds.


Yes it is.

@ 1:28 & 3:00

I reckon if you’re gonna rip off another tune you should choose something less well known. :laughing:


Should be simple enough to change a few notes to make it original.

Love it.

Would be nice if you have it notated. I would love to look at if and see if I am able to play it on my classical guitar. Of course that is only the first part. The second part is finding time to do it since my job doesn’t give me time barely to go home to sleep.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for the listen and comments

Yes, this is a patch from Omnisphere. Actually – I DID record this on nylon originally – maybe I’ll post that version later on. And the main reason I didn’t end up using it: TOO MUCH DAMN STRING NOISE! No to mention some rather lame playing

But even before that, I produced a full ensemble version – piano, bass, drums, electric 12-string, and erhu sample – a Chinese instrument Ian is probably familiar with.

After letting it sit for awhile I was messing around with Omnisphere and came across the patch and liked what I heard, but I thought it needed to be done on a real guitar. So I worked it out on nylon (in an easier key)… although I had to record melody line and the chords separate since I couldn’t “hack” it at the same time (although bander probably could).

Regarding the “lift”: you caught me! However: totally intentional. I’m actually surprised so many people caught it. I do this somewhat often, for “symbolic” reasons, it’s an intentional allusion to the other song (check out my title and compare it to what “Memories” is about… although I was having trouble with lyrics, they were of that same sort of “bittersweet” reflection).

Maybe that’s an invalid rationale, however… I DID try to vary it a little… and it’s only 2 measures that I lifted… so… :question:

Anyway, thank you for the commentary – good point about some of the velocities

Oh, c’mon – two measures of an obvious reference don’t make a thing “unoriginal” do they? :laughing:

Nicely done…whatever the source :smiley:

Funny, the playing style on the sampled guitar somehow brought to mind early recordings by Earl Klugh.

Beautiful recording irrespective of the piece not being original. :wink:

Thanks… I think.

But really. It’s two bars out of a 32-bar sequence.

It’s called “homage.”

Think of all the countless books, plays and films that use a line from Shakespeare or the Bible for their title. Does that make them “unoriginal?”

Or guys like TS Elliot or Ezra Pound who quoted the great Latin poets VERBATIM in their poems… not to mention James Joyce.

I won’t even mention Rap or groups like Soul Coughing that frequently used direct lifts from numerous sources

I will defend this practice against all comers – does anybody seriously believe I couldn’t have written something different for those 2 bars? :unamused:

I think you should be ashamed of your self! Not only did you lift a short melody from another tune but you repeatedly use many of the exact same notes that I’ve used in several of my own songs!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Yeah, I recognized many of those notes as yours, Karl. So Doug tried to pull a fast one and got caught.
I say we move on and never speak of it again. He did keep it instrumental because he admitted that lyrics weren’t coming to him.
Let’s just be grateful that he didn’t lift some lyrics and a vocal melody. :laughing:

Heck Lenny, I dont know… let him just get away with using my notes and next thing ya know he’ll be lifting my vowels and consonant’s! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I guess this song is aptly titled since Doug would say it is “my regret” that you busted him on the lift from Memories. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah. Well done, sir. I thought this was a real guitar.