My Regret (instrumental)

Oh, but I HAVE done exactly that, and frequently.

I wouldn’t really expect anyone to have paid that close attention to any of my music, but for example

in a tune I posted last year called “Baby You’re Real” I had the line, “You’re not a beauty little girl but hey you’re alright” which is a verbatim left from Springsteen’s “Thunder Road” (different melody, however)

in another tune called “Matter of Time” (which I’ve never actually recorded) I have the phrase, "But in the meantime, as we struggle through the lean times… “I’ll pick up my guitar an play!” – direct homage to the Who classic “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

I have a tune called “Who Tell Me Who” that has the phrase, “Tomorrow is the day that never knows” – direct allusion to the Beatles tune

I posted a Metal tune some years back that has the line “Like my soul, in desolation lies” which I stole from none other than Onkel. Even he didn’t catch it :laughing:

And other instances I can’t recall

Doug, it was only fun razzing you when you responded with:

Now that you’ve come clean and laughed about it, you’ve completely disarmed us! :laughing:

No it bloody doesn’t. Anyhoo, past masters couldn’t get over quoting each other. Shoulders of giants and all that. Plagiarism as recipe.

Nice tune. I would love to hear the original, string squeaks an’ all.

Hi Doug,

Very nice! The guitar playing is very convincing.
The mix sounds good to me.

I like the quote from Memories, it fits perfectly.


Ha, no it doesn’t. :slight_smile: I meant to say ‘make that part original’. I don’t have a problem with pinching stuff, it’s always gone on. I had assumed that it wasn’t intentional your part.

The sampled guitar does sound good and I like the variations in tempo a lot. Ian suggested some string noises and I think something like that would make it even better. If anything it’s too perfect at the moment. :slight_smile:


Well done; it has that feel of a bit of music between the upbeat active parts of a romantic comedy film. Maybe where the female lead is not returning the male lead’s messages. Nice full sound.

Good stuff Doug. I avoid Lloyd Webber at all costs so you got away with it with me :smiley:
Very enjoyable. If you ever need to add lyrics, the stylee you might go with would be
“Alone Again, Naturally” by Gilbert O’Sullivan who was almost certainly ripped off by that Lloyd Webber guy :angry: