My request and Suggestion (everyone will agree)

I´ve got many requests and many suggestions…

But for now I have this simple

Can anyone from Steinberg be kind enough to interact and talk to us here in this thread? There are great requests an important points being addressed and everyone is interested in hearing from you (AAF import being one of them for instance). Are we talking to ourselves?

Can anyone from Steinberg be kind enough to start to interact and talk to us here in this thread?

Sorry if I´m mistaken in my assessment though

Hmm hello? Did you miss the two huge updates they just released addressing nearly every major feature request ever?

What else do you want to hear when they’re obviously listening?

I didn’t say they aren’t hearing, I said there is a lack of “interaction” in this thread. We are talking about different things.

you want a babysitter? or someone to reply to all of the posts here to make you feel like they are listening even though their updates sort of prove the point anyway?

Romantique Tp and commondenom - just a thought. Alexandre de Faria is relatively new to the forums in terms of number of posts. He may have “lurked around” quite a bit and gotten frustrated with what is perceived as a lack of Steinberg involvement. I would suggest that your antagonistic responses, while containing elements of truth, are of the nature that tends to drive people away.

I think it’s reasonable to expect that, if this is the sole official Steinberg community “place” where people can air their feature requests, challenges, etc., then Steinberg staff should be involved in the conversation. I can understand someone’s frustration that there isn’t a more responsive, ongoing dialogue. Steinberg staff do jump into to certain threads, but it’s not consistent timewise and there’s no way to anticipate whether something is being read/reviewed or not.

Many other software companies utilize a robust and dynamic user engagement process wherein staff (even developers themselves) invest time in conferring with users in a routine, planned way. In doing so, users feel validated and listened to, and the software companies gain ideas and understanding.

To say that asking for such a dynamic is like asking for “a babysitter” is, in my opinion, silly. And to suggest that Steinberg’s just the silent type, working and obviously delivering, and therefore don’t need to be involved in the forums, is in my opinion sidestepping the point the OP was making: People want to know their issues and suggestions are being heard, so that when they individually contribute, they’re not just wasting their time. Think about a personal relationship. Imagine if you asked a good friend to help you build an RC car, and he just stood there staring at you. You asked a couple more times, and he keeps staring. A year later, he shows up at your house with a nice hot-rodded RC car. A year later, you’ve already gone to the store and bought another RC car. He says, “Well, it’s ready now. You should have known I was working on it for you.” But you’d say, “OK, why didn’t you say anything then? Why not talk with me?” People can’t plan around what they don’t know.

Sure, does Steinberg listen and react (sometimes years later) to user requests. Sometimes they get directly involved in threads, and many times they don’t. But in most cases, the actual plan or progress is hidden behind vague statements regarding the future; there seems to be an adherence to not revealing what’s coming next. The individual, in the interim, often has no idea if the help or feature they need is even coming - or indeed if their individual messages have even been seen by Steinberg.

I’m a fan of Steinberg. While I disagree with the OP’s overall tone, I do find the basic suggestions reasonable. And attacking those who are simply asking for more involvement from Steinberg is likely to drive everyone but hardcore users away.

Alexandre, I’d like to suggest you change the title of your original post to describe your actual request. The current title is too vague and people aren’t likely to look at it without any indication of what the request actually is.

Which one of the big 7 DAW companies responds to feature requests frequently?

Generally, DAW companies tend to not be far along the innovation engagement curve. I’m talking about general development and user engagement best practices in 2017. Regardless of whether “DAW companies” are excelling in this area,it’s important. Whether they currently do it or not doesn’t change the fact that, in general, software companies greatly benefit from this sort of engagement - in user satisfaction, in customer retention, and in actual software improvement.

Appealing to the bandwagon (pointing to an industry that tends to underserve customers in this way and saying “see, none of them do it”) is kind of like pointing to several groups of less-than-considerate campers at a national park and saying, “See, look, they’re all littering and throwing things on the ground. That’s just the normal way to go camping.” Well, no it’s not. Just because a bunch of people - or their companies - do something doesn’t make it the best way to do it.

As far as I know, Image-Line and Bitwig make a decent effort to respond to sane questions on forums. On the other end is Ableton who don’t even link to their forums anymore.

Steinberg do make an effort to respond, though they can do better, obviously. For realistic feature requests, answering “planned for 2018”, “not planned for now”, “feature X will be considered after feature Y is implemented” etc. would be reasonable.