My Request Programchange Bankselect MSB & LSB on Slot

Hello to all and to the Steinberg Team !

I would gladly (i am definatly not alone) create my own Soundmap / Soundbank with more than 500 Programs and select them in combination via Program Change, Bankselekt 0 (MSB CC 000) and Bankselect 32 (LSB CC 032).
This means like a GS/XG/GM2 Soundmap, it would be great if we can lock and unlock the created Soundbanks seperately.

This means we need more Banks per Slots wich we can select via MSB & LSB.

It looks that this funktion is not avialable at this time on Halion.

i will request this funktion:
Please can you ad on future updates Programchange and Bankselect values for more than 128 Programs :question:

Here is my Link to the other Post in was started in the Steinberg Halion6 General Talk forum:

by the way
You know how “Hypersonic 2” was working ! ? ! ofcourse in Multitimbral mode too:
Without tangibly latency on Programchanges and Soundchanges
(with the right Hardware)
It would be realy great if we can say to HaLion: “All of my Sounds on my Soundbank should act like a Rompler” [lets say Hypersonic 2 Mode :mrgreen: ].

I Imagine that this will be the ultimative soundbank, you dont need take your hardware Synthies with you for quick or smal sessions.
I think the philosophy of HaLion is to make life a lot easyer for all of us :exclamation:

It would be great if you can code and implement this request on your next updates (so much earlier so better)

Of Course HaLion6 has “as it is” realy great Sounds and is usefull, i would gladly use it for years and long time, this funktion is realy important for us, thanks Steinberg !

Thanks to all and best regards

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