My Return to Cubase..w/a Question

Cubase is the best, hands down! I’m a Reason user also but I’m cheating on Reason and I’m now going out with Cubase.
My question is, when I press play, the sequencer doesn’t immediately start playing. It plays close to immediately but not exactly. It can’t be latency, my computer is super fast. Any ideas?


It’s not latency…latency is the delay from playing a note to hearing a note (monitoring and live only).
It’s Cubase pre-loading your project into the buffers.
It does this to provide skip, pop, and click-free playback (basically a partial pre-render).

If your computer is

you could decrease the buffer size.
This would make the playback start quicker, but may introduce the aforementioned skips, pops, and clicks into playback. Find the balance, ie decrease the buffer size until it starts to degrade, then increase until the degradation goes away.

Be careful though. ANY virtual instruments are going to put additional strain on your processing power (as they’ll have to process themselves), thus requiring a larger buffer setting to compensate.

Thanks for the advice

That’ s latency exactly…

FACEPALM :blush:

Yeah, it is…
I guess I’ve just never heard latency referred to with playback, only monitoring…