My save files disappeared.

Cubase was turned off due to some error during work. When I run it again, I refuse to ask if I want to load the latest version and press the button to keep the backup file. But all the work I had done for two days was gone.
170605 Space Fleet -04-02.bak ~ 170605 Space Fleet -04-06.bak files are missing.

Is there a backup folder managed separately in Cubase? Help me pleases…

No there are no other backup files.
Have you tried renaming the .bak files to .cpr ?

Your …04.cpr is younger than the backup files. doesn´t it work with the newest?

Of course I tried the other bak files. I did not save for two days (I kept my computer on), and my project was being saved automatically every 15 minutes.

I guess autosave doesn’t work if you don’t do any changes. So if you didn’t save your main project before you shut down the computer, than your work has been lost :frowning:

Use cases know no bounds.