My Score for Westwood Instruments

hello -

Hope this is ok to post a bit of self promotion.

I had some fun this week and composed this score for Westwood Instruments scoring completion (you can learn more here)

I sketched out the score on my iPad sitting at my piano. I would have never worked this way before Dorico on iPad. I would have written completely in the DAW. But I am finding it so refreshing to sit at the piano, away from my gigabytes of samples and just write. Even if it isn’t a full blown score and just sketches and notes - I feel I am better able to compose.

I have found Flows are great for this kind of sketching. I didn’t really see a need for them before - thinking they were more for “movements” and such, but they work really well as a sketch pad.

Anyway, final score was finished in LogicPro, where I massaged the pieces to work to picture, provided by Westwood.

Happy for your thoughts and critiques, and to answer any questions. Thanks!

YouTube Link: The Lost Piano - Kayle Clements


Very nice!

Hey I enjoyed your rendition,. But I was inspired to submit to this well. So thanks for posting about this competition!

All the best to both of us.

That’s great. Care to post a link to your submission? Would love to hear it.


Sure I will once its done.
I think its a very touching movie. Thanks so much.

ah, sorry. i thought you had posted it. looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

Here is my score. Very different take from yours (which I did like very much).

Done with Dorico, VSL and Articulate maps




oh, that is very nice - very well done. I like your choice to not have any piano until the credits - we finally hear him playing. nice idea. Love the sound of the score overall, you did this completely in Dorico?

I have so much to learn about working in Dorico. I love it for sketching and writing out notation - but I could never think to get a performance like this from it. I would go to my DAW and play the score in.

Thanks for sharing - good luck.

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Thanks. That was just a gimmick to put the piano at the end :wink:

But what you did is more complex harmonically.

Also I would not have known about this competition if I didn’t read your post here, which in turn was because I was exploring buying Dorico and had a question. So Thank you!