My second "new' guitar.

It’s a 1952 National Dynamic lap steel.

I now have a brace of these birds. Smokin’ :wink:

National Dynamics

Whoa, stereo! They didn’t have stereo in 1952.

Wow! Why would you need two of them?
You’ve got my address, don’t you?.. :wink:

It’s a pretty pair, Jet! :sunglasses:

What a beauty B-)


Hi there guys.

Yes, I’m feeling very chuffed to have taken delivery of the second
National last week. I thought the 1950 was in great shape, but the '52
is in even better nick. Someone had replaced the original tuners.
Fortunately, they hadn’t re-drilled the post
holes for fatter barrels so I was able to fit a new set of Kluson tuners on it,
the exact kind it was equipped with when made.

I also find it somewhat romantic that these guitars have found a new
home and a new life with me in Asia. Certainly not something the original
owners would have ever pondered way back when.

Wim, Taylor would not be happy if I let one go. He’s expecting to inherit
all my gear one day. :wink: Mmmm, I’d better employ a food taster… :laughing: