my SeL number will not show up on my computer.

hello all. i have tried tutorials and read extensively up on this. i have successfully installed 3 different versions of cubase on other computers. i am merely trying to transfer the license to my new [production worthy] computer(basically a re-activation). the only problem i am running into is that i cannot get a NEW SeL to begin the process. I can assist anyone with extra info if needed and would sincerely appreciate all the help i can get.

thank you.

Basically, can anyone help me out on retrieving the SeL of my new computer? and even then, will i be able to re-activate my cubase software onto the new machine? i have the e-Licenser downloaded, i just don’t have the new license number showing up. Ive never had this problem before. also im new to these forums, so please take it easy on thanks.