My simple solution to Cubase 13 eye fatigue

Hi all,
Like some others on here, I have struggled with the high contrast new Cubase 13 UI, and I feel for those with visual or reading difficulties. My solution has been to create a pale grey theme that effectively reduces the overall contrast and makes everything feel more legible. It’s very off-brand for Cubase but it’s growing on me. I’ve also stripped out any unnecessary colour, for example in the greys and the fader caps.

There are still a few issues: I don’t like the dark fader strips on the new UI, and as mentioned on another thread, the fonts and button text look janky on my 1440 screen (not my 4K laptop): also, I’d love to be given the choice of bold or regular fonts.

For balance, I should say that overall the update is fine and worth having! The new channel-strip sidebar is useful, although as a left-hander, I’d like the option of putting it on the right side, similar to the modularity of the Halion workspace.


Nice, I do like the deep black fader background

A man after my own heart - that grey theme has been my go-to since Cubase 8. I love what you have working here, except those dark meters that cover up much of my beloved mixer colors that I begged Steinberg to implement.

So basically, allow us to change the text font/color, and allow us to make the dark meters more transparent to let the color through more. Those two things and I think that I’d love this. I haven’t upgraded yet though.

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I hope they do as you suggest. The dark faders did really bother me at first, but I’m coming to terms with them now.

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Share it

How would I do that?

It’s a bold choice.

May be sharing the customisation presets.
I am not entirely sure.
I imagine it would be good way to create themes.

Not sure how to do that without sharing other, non-GUI preferences in the same file. I guess people can copy from the image though.

Save the pref with Save marked preferences only activated, and mark (select) the items you want included.

Navigate to %appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 13_64\Presets\Configurations\ (or the MacOS equivalent), and attach the preset file to your forum post.

my preset.xml (5.5 KB)

You can then drag it onto your forum message to attach and share.


@PeterRees11 +1

Still no excuse for those blurred faders on mix console which they say is the effect for them.
To me that extra shadow on them gives the impression of fuzziness
It makes your eyes dizzy looking at the faders especially the red ones for inputs and outputs. it’s like seeing double. You may need 3d glasses to make them sharp and clear!! lol.
Nobody from Steinberg yet have said they will fix this


I also prefer the greyish hue for Cubendo - I am coming from the old days of Nuendo 4. But the inexcusable problems with Cubendo are

  1. Out of the box with default settings Cubendo 13 is hard on eyes with all the high contrast odd design choices which were discussed here to the fullest. I am using a lot of different softwares (Game Engines, Video Editing etc.) and the only software where I had to change the deault color settings due to eye strain was Cubendo. To be fair Cubendo 12 is the first version after many years where everything kinda works. But not in 13.
  2. When you are tinkering with color pallete settings, which is time consuming, it does not work across the whole software because of hard coded colors or non vectorized and scalable fonts.

I did wonder why my eyes have recently been feeling strange/tired. I started using Cubase recently. I chnaged the colour scheme today :v:

Too bad the OP never got around to sharing his configuration, btw I would really like it if it was easier to try different color schemes and/or share them in Cubase…
Something that could maybe be part of a SB Cloud or SB Hub??