My son is very happy!

I have no idea why. :laughing:

He bought it today!

Jet :sunglasses:

Wow, a genuine Rhodes :sunglasses:
Hours of fun assured there. Nice acquistion :sunglasses:


He picked carrots for a year to earn the dosh.
Ate half of 'em, but most farms allow for a certain “leakage”.



Weird, his hair has gone a funny kind of orange :laughing:

Oh wow… I’d be very happy too :slight_smile:
was it expensive?

And his pants are falling down…get him pair of braces for chrissake :wink: !

Mauri :stuck_out_tongue: .

it says 88 … eh :confused: … is that the number of banks full of presets? Or 8 MIDI INs and 8 OUTs? :astonished:

Looks great, hope it sounds great! But didn’t the world already end over there?

That’s the exact same Rhodes I had during my Fusion days in the Seventies. I hated it because it was so damn heavy, even with two guys toting it. However, it sounded great. The 88’s had a bit sharper sound than the bell-like Mark II’s

Nieeeece! :smiley:

Yeah, that’s why he bought it, to go out in style. :laughing:

Doesn’t worry me in the slightest, coz the other guy of the two is 4,000 miles way! :laughing:

Nope, the number of “easy” installments to the finance company…

Or the age he’ll feel after the first few lugs… :laughing:

Quite: 25,000 carrots, 14 tonnes of strawberries, 5,000 hectares of cow poop
…and a small trolley (to get it home on the train)! :mrgreen:

Grmpf… I’ve only got a Seventy Three… :smiling_imp:

Say hi to Taylor for me and wish him many hours of fun with it! :sunglasses:

Bodaciously Cool ! :sunglasses:

In 1982 I bought a new Rhodes 73 Mk II Stage .
That winter I spent a couple of days moving each of the 73 pickups nearer to each tine to get a fatter , overdriven funkier sound . Running through a bass amp and 4x10 cab with a touch of compression to take the edge off the attack and a phaser pedal it funked along fantastically .

It lasted a few years until I wore it out ( hamfisted whippersnapper that I was :laughing: ) !

Here’s wishing him a lifetime of bonding with it :wink: