My sound card is recording my music

Hello, I am the owner of the steinberg ur22c product. I connected a speaker to the headphone output of the product and sang live. Then I quit and opened the daw program, opened the vocal recording channel and got the recording, the entire sound of the music was heard on my vocal channel. I formatted it to the computer, the problem has not been fixed, please help :disappointed:. Thanks

??? What ???

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The beat is in one channel and the recording channel is not picking only my vocals but somehow the beat too, when i plug out the headphones and connect them via Bluetooth dircet to the conputer then i can record only vocal but then i dont hear myself speaking into the mic can anyone help

Wich recording program?

Cubase 10 Pro

Win? Mac?
Driver is installed and selected in Cubase?
Drivers are up to date?

I just haven’t updated them.

He started doing it today. I downloaded a loop-back program yesterday, and I thought it was because of him. I formatted the computer, I just installed the audio driver, the problem has not been fixed. Would you please help me.

Windows 10

What you mean by formatted computer?
Did you opened the UR22C app dspMixFx? There is already a loopback button that could be switched on… there is no need to use a loopback software for recording vocals or sing along with the playback
that works all from inside Cubase

Because I had this problem, I turned the computer to factory settings. Everything is up to date now, but the problem remains

make a screenshot of the driver dialog

I have currently installed the Steinberg UR22 Driver V204_win as the only driver. Others are not installed. What can I turn off by doing

I’m getting the image now

something like that

what about dspMixFX? Is it installed?

Yes, I just installed this. But dspMixFx? not installed

Install it… that could be the only way to turn the loopback off


I couldn’t reply in time because my reply limit had expired. I did what you said, my problem is solved. Thanks.

Am using Steinberg Ur22mkii audio interface and facing the same problem my beat get recorded with my vocals can u tell me how you solved yours