My SSD is toast (not even with marmalade)

and I have to reinstall Dorico (and everything else) from scratch on a new one. What is the best way to proceed: do I need to install from my original disk and then upgrade to the current version, or is there some short cut?

If your “original disk” is Dorico v1, then no, just download the Dorico 2 installer from the Steinberg Download Assistant. For that matter, even if the “original disk” is for Dorico Pro 2, you’re probably still quicker to just download the Dorico 2 installer from the Steinberg Download Assistant. The large part of the installation is HALion, not Dorico, so if the “original disk” will let you install HALion then you can save yourself a large download.

Thanks Leo. There’s some licensing app that also gets installed — will the Dorico 2 installer include that?

Download the Steinberg Download Assistant from here:
I believe that if you download and run the Dorico Pro 2.2.20 Application Installer, it’ll automatically install eLicenser Control Center.

Yes, eLCC is installed/updated by the Dorico application installer, so that should be sufficient. Go to MySteinberg and click the big red “Reactivate” button to get the new activation code you’ll need to reactivate Dorico on your newly-reinstalled system.

Thanks pianoleo and Daniel for your help!

Ok, it’s not working.
(1) My DVD drive can no longer read the Dorico 1 disks to load the sound files. After numerous attempts I managed to install what is on disk 1, but disk 2 just will not read.
(2) After three failed downloads of Dorico 2.2.20 Playback 1 and one failed download of Dorico Playback 2 with the Steinberg Download Assistant, I have little hope of obtaining them that way. Can I forget about those and run Dorico with just NotePerformer? (The drive might need some attention—though it successfully plays music CDs. Or I could invest in an external drive and see if that helps.)
(3) [Deleted point about reactivating Dorico: I managed to do this :slight_smile: ]
I’ll be grateful for any help!

Edit: If I am able to read the disk on a laptop, is there a way to transfer/install the data on my desktop?

I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling to download the sounds installers. You can work with only NotePerformer if you set the default playback template to NotePerformer in Preferences. You might see an occasional warning about Dorico not being able to find its required content, but you can silence them. I would suggest trying again with the downloads because I would always advise having your installation complete if at all possible.

It’s a lost cause, I’m afraid, Daniel. After three more failed downloads I’m giving up. I’ve got Playback 1 installed, but the giant 5.9GB Playback 2 is just too big to download reliably. At some stage the progress bar under ‘Status’ blinks momentarily, and a few seconds later up comes the ‘retry’ message. Retry starts somewhere short of 1GB and proceeds from there, but the outcome is always the same.

Would it be possible some time in the future to consider breaking up these giant files into more manageable chunks? They might be more fiddly to download and install, but smaller files would download a lot more reliably and it would be a lot less painful if the occasional download failed.

Is the idea of reading the DVD on another computer and transferring the resulting folder in any way possible? I have an old laptop whose DVD drive was reliable when I used it.

Kim, I think it’s possible to create a split archive of the installer. I could split the file into, say, six portions of 500 MB and send them to you via WeTransfer. – Unless Daniel/Steinberg objects…?

Thanks fkretlow… but I’m rather doubtful whether this is feasible, even if Daniel/Steinberg had no objection, as I think the installer would have to be modified to deal with the new configuration of the files. My suggestion was really made with future versions in mind.

No, what Florian is suggesting is that he produces a .rar or similar archive of the installer package, split into multiple 500MB chunks, which you could then download and recombine before running the installer. This wouldn’t require changing the installer itself. Florian, if you want to try it, I have no objection.

We have hundreds of thousands of customers downloading software packages much larger than the HSO content with no problems, and thousands of them are in Australia. I don’t think there is a general reliability problem with this delivery mechanism, but rather with your internet connection, I’m sorry to say.

Thanks Daniel, and thank you Florian for your kind offer, if you have the time in the next few days. I’m doing fine with NotePerformer, but as Daniel says it would be good to have a complete installation.