My Steinberg Activation Email Never Arrives, PLEASE HELP!!

I do not have my cubase 8 install discs and I need to install cubase. Firstly, it seems really silly to need a My STeinberg account just to download software I’ve already purchased. Secondly, I’ve tried multiple times over several months to get the activation email to send, and it never arrives.

All I want to do is install the software I bought from you, please help.

I have sent you a PM.

My activation for Wavelab Pro 9 has not arrived I have an email which says: 'Invoice number: pending… ’ Please help, S

I have sent you a PM.

The full version of Wavelab Pro 9 is a boxed product that will be shipped to you. It is not available as a digital download.

You can contact Asknet in Germany at +49 721 964580 and they should be able to track the status of your order.