My Steinberg down for maintainance

Hi all,

My laptop has stopped seeing my eliscencer usb dongle. It sees and old one with Cubase 5 on it so I can only presume its broken even though the red light still shines.

I went to My Steinberg but can see it is down for maintenance.

Has anybody any suggestions or does anyone know how long My Steinberg will be down.



Sorry for the inconvenience, but MySteinberg should be up and running again.



I can’t enter on MySteinberg now… :frowning:

Oh, that’s bad. What error is shown?

Hi all, Please see other post as well.

I have requested zero down time due to my broken elisencer.

I have tried on several occasions now to submit my request to support for my licenses to be re activated but when I press submit I keep getting ‘oops Error’.

I have used internet explorer to open My Steinberg as my account will not even open in Google Chrome.

Please help Steinberg

Dennis Hadfield

Thanks for the info… That sounds bad indeed. I will have a look asap.

Now I got in, but there’s some issues with the Support Request…
It gaves me an error when I try to send it, says that it misses Installation Type, and it was already choosed…

Thanks Fabian

Do you work for Steinberg?

I have also not yet even received my automatic email from requesting zero down time.

Also is zero down time 25 hours of timed use over several days or is it 25hrs continuous from activation.


Dennis Hadfield

Yes, I can reproduce this one. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will fix it asap.
Meanwhile, you may write a General Inquiry, providing the necessary information. That should work.


Thanks again Fabian

Where do I write a general enquiry


I will look into it. But you should see the Zero Downtime Activationcode in your MySteinberg-account.

Also is zero down time 25 hours of timed use over several days or is it 25hrs continuous from activation.

These are working hours. If you’re runnning Steinberg-products 1h a day, you’re able to use the licese for 25 days :slight_smile:

Instead of choosing “Technical support request” for “Type Of Request”, you can choose “General Inquiry”.


Thanks again Fabian for all your help.

The General Enquiry suggestion worked.

Do you know roughly how long it takes for re activation of licenses to take place after a request for zero down time has been submitted.

Thanks again

Dennis Hadfield

Sorry, I can’t give you an estimation for that. I’m not involved in the Support-processes. But I will forward to them, that you have sent a General Inquiry concerning this due to an error in MySteinberg. This might speed things up. But I can’t promise you anything.


You have been excellent this evening. How do I ‘Thank’ you so you rise from 5 to 6

Dennis Hadfield

As you can see I worked it out and then went mad :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I tried to send a small text file (134 kb) but it gaves another error, saying the file is big…

Thanks. I will have a look into it.

Hm, I haven’t had any problem with a small sized text file. If it is save for you to give the file away, please send me a PM with the file and I will have a look. Thanks!

I had sent a PM…