My Steinberg (How I get support without that option)?

My Steinberg (How I get support without that option)?

I bought it Cubase in EUA, when I installed by first time in Mexico I got an advisement saying “caution this can be non legitimate, this is registered in EUA and you will not have support” or something like that, I can’t remember with clarity the message because I installed very long long time ago… but until now Im requiring support for send crashdump files…

Of course my Cubase Is Legitimate I Bought it NEW it in a store with good packing of plastic and so on…

My question now is: How I can solve this situation? I mean, in my steinberg account I have no way to request support by the same reason… ¿can somebody help me in to this?

Do you mean register for upgrades?

You bought Cubase is the USA, and you want to know about what happens when you want to buy an upgrade, correct?

The system will let you apply the upgrade after you buy it, when you enter the its activation code in the Elicenser Control Center.

As far as support, the forum is your best bet. Describe the crash and include the dump files as a zipped file don’t paste the text into the post.

You can also find he Mexico distributor and email them, but you’ll probably get better results here.

Honestly Mexico distributors, can do nothing… they only sell the product, and if they know something is pretty hard to contact them…

but is good to know I can upload here the crash dumps :slight_smile: thank you by the info!!