My steinberg hub isnt working

Hi my steinberg hub isnt workinbg

can anyone3 help the right hand side


Could you be more specific, please? What exactly doesn’t work, please?

The right hand side of the Stienberg HUb best William

What exactly is not working? Can you do a screen shot?

Sorry the left hand side of the hub isn’t working


So do you see just the “Connecting” page? Or anything else?

What Cubase version and edition do you use, please? Windows or Mac?

Hi Martin do you understand the problem . When I want to open Cubase the left hand side of the Cubase Hub is all messed up with a note to contact Strienberg pls can you fix this ? All the best William


Could you please attach a screenshot?

What Cubase version and edition do you use, please? Windows or Mac?

Sure I’ll send you a screenshot . I use Cubase pro 10.5 on Windows 7. Best William

Are you connected to the internet? The information on the left is populated over the internet. Have you got a firewall stopping Cubase?

Yes of course I’m connected to the internet directly into my computer and I don’t have any firewalls , I’ve been using this problem free for years this has never happened before , thanks for your help , pls try to resolve this issue all the best William

I won’t answer again after that reply. Many people do not connect their DAWs to the internet or take them offline when working. Your early replies have been short with barely any information. Maybe if you put a reasonable amount of information to start with there would be a chance.

Anyway it works for me so good luck.

Could be some kind of incompatibility.

C10.5 is no longer supported on Windows 7, which Microsoft ceased to support on 14 January 2020

Can someone at Steinberg pls help with this problem pls?


Sorry, Windows 7 is not supported system for Cubase 10.5. Windows 7 is even not supported by Microsoft. I wouldn’t expect any Steinberg support in the unsupported system.

Start Cubase in the supported system, please.

Ok thanks Martin I’m upgrading to Windows 10 tommorow however everything else is working fine?? All the best and many thanks William