My steinberg

I can’t access to “my steinberg” & for contact support : connect to your “my steinberg” …
You are genius steinberg !

Not sure if that’s the reason, but…

Generally, you do not need to connect to “my steinberg” for support. I used email before, directly from the steinberg support website.

MySteinberg is in the process of being phased out in any case. You should be able to open a support ticket via this page:

Depending on where you are located in the world, you may be directed to contact support at Steinberg, or at one of our Yamaha partners in your local country.

This is happens when I click your link

I had whrite to this mail & I’m waiting for an answer.

& Each time I enter my password or re initialize my password I 've got that message !

If you’ve already set up two-factor authentication – which you clearly have, because it’s asking you for your one-time password – then you should use your authenticator app to provide the required password, or use one of the recovery codes that you were given at the time you set up 2FA. You did carefully save them somewhere, didn’t you?