My studio, with some Cubase music backing...

Stealth studios, Glasgow. Cubase since 1997, Stealth since 2004!

Cool video, that’s kinda the small studio I had in mind for myself in the future :sunglasses:

cool. it’s yours! $25 million. i accept paypal!

forgot to say; the first tune is “porn groove” by Haivercraft. the 2nd is “The End” by Rowan J.Parker, written for Yamaha Music Schools Europe. Used with permission… Ed

nice presentation!

Nice! :sunglasses:

thanks lads. i just bought a couple of nice (older) canon video cameras. this was the first project i’ve tried them on… ideally i’d like footage of a band on the drums etc. will get that added once the next lot are in. ed

lol cheers, I’ll think about it :laughing:

Cool! I love seeing people’s real life working environments.

Everything I own is packed into a single approx. 9’ x 12’ space :unamused: .

One of these days …

cool. good studio to start with obviously but it looks even better in this presentation!!! I also like that the video isn’t too nerdy presuming the viewer know what everything from a drumset to Melodyne is in some sort of brag list “look at me” video, more showing off for other studios than talking to the client. Obviously if you watch this video you have some activity and thoughts based around music and recording already but you get the impression that the studio is fully capable of getting most of your ideas taken care of and that and you are in good hands. :sunglasses:

thanks for comments guys. yes, i’m trying to give a feel for the place rather than just a gear demo. my clients range from bands to people who have never been in a studio, to corporate work. so i had to try to balance it. which meant not too many crazy cuts/video fx. i’ve got a guy working on my website so the more techy stuff will go there for the nerds (like us) to view! ed :slight_smile: