My suggestions

Hi, long time user of Cubase for the last 10 years, here are my suggestions. Thank you so much for your work ! :

Behavior correction

Piano roll editor. I insert a note beyond the length of the event. Cubase proposes to extend the event, or not. I select my choice. Next time I load Cubase, the choice is forgotten.

I open a project. Open a second project in the same time, do not activate it. The position of the first project window is not changed. The video window has an uncorrect ratio.

Direct offline processing. If the option “auto apply” is off. I add a plugin. I don’t click “apply” but “auto apply”. The plugin is not added to treatement

Function “detect silences” in audio. Batch process a lot of audio at once. During the process, the dialog box for each audio goes to highlight (Windows 10). Then higlight to back project view. Then highlight on next processing. It makes a blinking effect due to the switch to the various windows. For large amount of treatments at once, it is very disturbing.

Freeze function. I freeze a track. Change the tempo of the project. The freeze track is not updated. Ends up into desyncing. Would be great to have an option. Like change of tempo : dialog box with “update once” “always update” “do nothing” or something.

Retrospective midi recording. Works fine. But if, during the play, Cubase auto-save the project, the buffer is empty and retrospective midi recording does not work.


A project is opened. I open a second one, do not activate. Doing a drag and drop from a track to another track would be great. (at the moment works only to drag and drop an event, so does not work on empty tracks). And be able to copy/paste/drag and drop a plugin from the mix console. Or open it to see the values.

Direct offline processing. Now we can drag and drop a plugin from Mixconsole onto DOP. That’s great. But does not work in reverse, from DOP to MixConsole.

Direct offline processing. Auto apply on. Inside a plugin like Altiverb or Reverberate. I import a different impulse response. DOP does not detect the change.

MixConsole. Effects chain. That function is great. But cannot choose wich effect from the preset chain I want to apply. It is all of them.

Freeze. Be able to freeze multiple tracks at once. Or at least, allow to assign a shortcut to freeze function.

Import tracks from another project : it’s great. But importing from another big project takes ages to read. OK no worries. Once the selected tracks are imported, the importation window is closed. Would be great to keep it open, and being able to import something else.

Import tracks from another project : a filter to show tracks that have some events from empty tracks. Or show active tracks and not disabled (for template with lots of disable tracks, that is useful)

Track color. Be able to copy / paste the color to another one. With a shortcut would be even better.

Tempo tap. Having a direct shortcut to this window.

My project view is split in two. Chord track above. Midi tracks below. If I click on a chord track event, and now click on a midi event below, the chord track event is still selected. If I hit “Enter” to edit the midi event, it opens the chord track event. I need to unselect the chord track event before being able to do something else.

Its been established in the forums that these “my suggestions lists” are typically ignored. It’s much easier for Devs to measure which suggestions are imperative to users if each suggestion has its own thread - so, use the search function to find your already requested requests and bump those threads, and for the ones you can’t find create a new thread for each with a descriptive title.

Thanks a lot, I will