My Symphonic Orchestra is gone

I have been af Dorico user on Mac for a while.
Now I have upgraded and changed to Windows.
Problem: HaLion Symphonic Orchestra and the rest of the extras (Sonic sounds are there)
do not appear in the row to the right where it usually is.
What have I don wrong - where in the installation (the path) should HSO be?

Jørn Pedersen

Welcome to the forum!

The HSO sounds usually get installed under C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound

But can you clarify, what is not where? The HALion Sonic SE plug-in is not there or the sounds are missing? Maybe a screenshot could help…

Hi Ulf
Thank you for fast support.
To clarify: I downloaded Dorico 3.5 and installed.
The result was pic. one. Halion SE, but no Symphonic Orchestra to choose.
I do not seem to have a folder called ProgramData (overførsler = Download)
I have all the Symfonic Orchestra files, but just unpacked in the wrong folder in Downloads.
Should I start all over again or?

Can you use the Library Manager (included in the Dorico download) to find the location fo your HSO files and then make sure your new copy of Dorico is pointing to the proper location?

You don’t need the HSO player plug-in. HALion Sonic SE can also play all the HSO sounds. Dorico will always choose HALion Sonic SE for playing back HSO patches.

And regarding the sound library, it is easiest if you run the setup.exe of the downloaded sound content package.

Thank you for your answer. All of you.
You are right - the sounds are present in Sonic SE - and can be reached - but it would be nice to have the plug-in present to choose from.

I have tried to remove HSO, at download it again, but I never get af setup.exe for HSO as I did for the HAlion Sonic SE.

I have now located the folder you talk about, and the HSO-sounds are there all right, mixed up with all the others.

Should I try to remove the whole installation and begin all over?
Sorry but this installation teases me

Thanks in advance

My advice is, leave the sound files where they are, it does not matter.

Also, I strongly discourage to use the HSO player plug-in. HALion Sonic SE (aka HSSE) can equally play back the sounds and does it much more efficiently, because one HSSE instance can produce 16 different sounds at the same time, whereas one HSO player instance can only produce one sound. So HSSE uses memory and cpu much more efficiently. There is absolutely no advantage in using the HSO player plug.

Thank you, Ulf.

Well, it works, and if say so, I will settle with this and make music.


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