My toms sound like other instrument of a drumset

Hi there.
I have a percussion kit with 3 instrument (high, mid and low tom).
When I play (with Groove Agent) the music I’ve written, I get a “Tom D” for my low tom, a “Hihat Foot” for my mid tom, and a “Tom A” for my high tom.
I’ve made the percussion kit from an empty one, with the high tom on the line above the central one, the mid in the central line, and the low one line below.
What am I missing?
(I use the trial of Dorico Pro Version

Welcome to the forum, @Krili. If you’ve manually set things up, the issue might be that the wrong percussion map is chosen in the Endpoint Setup dialog in Play mode.

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So I guess I have to make a percussion map from Library > Percussion Maps.
Thanks a lot, thanks especially for the quick reply! :smiley:

Groove Agent SE uses General MIDI-style mappings for most kits, so I suggest you start with the General MIDI percussion map and see how far you get.


This may be a stupid question.
If I have a percussion kit with 3 instruments, and I assign them to the positions 2, 0 and -2 in the “5-line staff” mode, I assume I have to play them with G4, B4 and D5, which is what looks like it’s happening.
So I need to map those three notes to the three instruments (high, mid and low toms) in a percussion map, and assign it to the instrument in Play mode > Routing > Endpoint Setup.
Is there another step? Because I’ve done all of the above, and the sound is the one of the General Midi (2 hi-hat shank and a hi-hat tip closed).

Indeed, by default Dorico behaves as if the 5-line percussion staff uses the treble G clef, so the second line is G4, the third B4, and the fourth D5. But the MIDI notes that will be played by notes that appear at those staff positions is determined by the percussion map. If you assign e.g. a snare drum to appear on position D5, you can input a note for the snare drum by playing D5 on your MIDI keyboard, but the actual note you will hear in playback will depend on the MIDI note defined for the snare drum instrument in the percussion map.


It works!
I thought that in the percussion map, the note was what is notated, and the instrument what I want to hear, instead is the other way around. The instrument is what I’ve set in the percussion kit, and the note is the input for the plug-in (Groove Agent SE in this case).
Thanks! You really saved me

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