My Top 10 feature requests for Cubase Pro 13!

Hello, Steinberg! Thank you for creation a best DAW in the world. As a producer with many years of experience I made music in all daws -Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo…etc But Cubase is the best for many reasons. I want to contribute just to making this DAW even better. So here is my Top List for feature requests I collected:

  1. Temporary “snap off” behaviour with Command key like Pro Tools does!
    (it should be similar like if your just push Snap Off key) - if so you can have fine range selection in one click - cool feature!

  2. Default (zero) volume on selected tracks with Alt+Shift keys - it would be nice to have this option, not only for single channels with Cmd key.

  3. Folders tracks with group track options - I pray for that because it will make life much easier for Drum Groups or something like this. I would like to have Group track with folder visual hierarchy, like PT does.

  4. Group track for several instruments tracks with ability to record midi part on one track and hearing all others instrument tracks included in a group. Just like track stack for several instruments track in Logic - there you can record midi notes on track stack and it will affect to others instruments included in a stack!

  5. Mono to stereo, and stereo to mono toggle - please make this channel configuration toggle option in track control settings. It can save time because we don’t need to create diffirent stereo or mono tracks in some cases to drag audio events on new ones. For ex - I wish to have stereo reverb on my insert but the track is mono vocal and the plugin chain is ready. So toggle option would be a time saver in that case!

  6. Pan and Volume knobs in track control settings (not an Inspector!) for all types of tracks!! Please! Now we can only see the volume slider option in Group Track Type, but we also want to have a Pan option here, and not only on group track but for ALL track types.

  7. Project Notepad - please make options for changing Font and Size of a text. Really need for vocal sessions.

  8. Mute or Solo tracks with one click and mouse move up or down - just like Logic does. Very simple. Cubase have similar behaviour when you checkboxing tracks in Mixdown window. There you can click on one track and move mouse down to check all tracks below. I’d really love to see that when muting/unmuting, soloing/unsoloing tracks.

  9. Copy/Paste inserts or sends in inspector to other tracks - please add this option in right click menu off insert or send

  10. Ability to reorder a sequence of in/outs, group/fx channels etc just dragging them in Audio Connections Menu

  11. Show what track color choosed when Color Window is opened

That’s my dreams for Cubase Pro 13! If I missed something and some of these option are already exist, please let me know guys!


I have added the feature-request tag for you

It would probably be better to create one topic for each feature request so people can vote separately for them. And search the forum, some of your requests have definitely been posted before, and you could add your vote there.

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Probably easier to break each feature request down individually so users can vote.

OMG such a simple thing and so annoying when trying to match a color to existing track. I use quite a few colors so this would be a really nice feature, which you would think would have already been implemented.

I agree with having a optional volume and pan control available in the track control settings would be very nice. A lot less clicks to quickly adjust volume and pan while roughly mixing while producing, just like Ableton or Bitwig for example.

My nr 1 is to be able to move tracks/channels from witin the mixer

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#5 is the most important feature of all the features because I think that every other DAW has this except for Cubase, and the thing we all have in common is that we need to mix our music, regardless of genre. I never mix with Cubase because of this one missing function.

Get the last entered note velocity for the next one. For example I click to a note which has 82 velocity then use that for next entry

Digital performer has a method called “chunk” that allows you to create various versions and patterns of a song without changing the project and with plug-ins loaded.
I would love to see this feature included in Cubase.
Digital performer version 11 includes what Ableton calls the clip launch method.
Please make it possible for Cubase to use chunk to perform clip launches.

  1. Be able to increase the size of the puny and annoying Timeline. This has been requested for decades.
  2. Be able to select more than one channel in the mixer by swiping yer mouse! Then be able to move the fader on all of them at once. Or change colors on all selected. Or add the same plugin to all of them. Come on, I thought this was supposed to be a professional program!
  3. Be able to increase the size of the ridiculously tiny fonts everywhere in the program FOR MAC USERS. This has been requested for decades. Apparently, everyone at Cubase has 13" monitors so work at 480x680 resolution! The professional world uses 27" monitors. Please accommodate paying customers! BTW, I’ve been in show business all my life, and the vast majority of professionals use Macs. That is simply a fact whether you like it or not.

Well, it is a professional program that you actually have to learn… :wink: At least the “moving the fader/add the same plugin” is already possible and much more. You might want to check out “Quick Link”. (Sadly, it doesn’t affect color changing).
I agree about “swiping to select”, that would be useful, also swiping the mute/solo buttons.

Yet again, can we please have the ability to hide the faders in project windows 2 3 4.

It’s utterly daft on a MULTI SCREEN SYSTEM to have to have faders stealing a chunk of real estate on every screen.

On some screens all I need is perhaps inserts and sends. No faders. The faders takes up valuable space which could be better used to show other things sometimes.

You already have systems in place to customise almost everything else I can choose to view on each screen. Just add the faders to this list please.

Thanks for the info. I looked it up. Instead of: Swipe then change like a professional app, you have to do this:
" You can activate the Temporary Link Mode to synchronize all touched parameters of selected channels. ## Procedure

  1. Select the channels that you want to link.
  2. On the MixConsole toolbar, activate Q-Link.
    Note: You can also press Shift-Alt to temporarily link channels. In that case, the link is only active as long as you press the keys.
  3. Change the parameters for one of the selected channels. Result The changes are applied to all selected channels until you deactivate Q-Link."

A professional app respects the time of its users. If anyone at cubase had respect for actual musicians, they would make things EASIER and FASTER. Instead, they obfuscate and complicate. The opposite of what a professional needs.

The above example shows how little cubase respects its end users. Anyone with a heart wouldn’t make you go through this. It’s bad UI, bad business, and bad karma :wink:

And please do not condescend to me by telling me I have to learn it. I’ve been in show biz all my life and know quite a few professional apps. Cubase reviews all say “steep learning curve,” by which they meant:
– Terrible UI
– Worst manual ever in the history of manuals

I’m taking the time to learn it and am stunned by how an awesome feature co-exists with astonishingly bad design choices. It’s as though half the programming staff were always stoned and the other half were competent. And NONE of them are good at UI. sigh

You can work with Q-Link on all the time. You just press the button once and leave it there.

Hi, I would like to add voice commands using AI technologies .

For example, I would like to be able to ask Cubase to scroll to a specific channel (instead of searching a channel with the mouse).

Or asking Cubase to disable all the inserts at once or disable all effects sends etc.

I would never, ever use that, and imo it is very far outside the scope of a daw. It would also generate a ton of support requests.

Perfect for a 3rd party app though

Yeah that’s like one of the last things I would want to see Steinberg’s resources go into developing. To each their own though!

Here is my wishlist for the new year:

  1. A lyrics track (with options to map each sylable to a midi track), with ease and comfort and ability to scroll by during vocal recording
  2. An export function to Dorico (that allows very quick creation of lead sheets based on Midi (including lyrics)
  3. Case by case deactivation export targets (I usually create WAV and MP3 and each a master and mix only summing track). On ocastions I do not want all four of them but only one new file.
  4. the loudness track feature from Nuendo (thats really nice)
  5. A standard Post Plugin Chain gain knob (with low latency), such like gain function, but post effects
  6. One Button to really deactivate all Plug ins (to archive lowest latency in recording)
  7. The global track with Chord track symbol also in the Vario Auditor Editor
  8. No more message "Group track is not in sync) editing might fail, just a button to fix these things
  9. Controlroom more options to route the preview audio (when editing vocals)
  10. A “post it” functionality to stick little comments within the main project editor to those events that still need further editing

Hey guys, as mentioned earlier in this topic, it’s better to make separate topics for each of your requests. That makes it easier for other users to “+1” or discuss your ideas. Things get buried too easily in topics like this one.

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