My top feature damand! for the new version (tic)!

Dear Steinberg,

I DEMAND :angry: that the next version of Cubase remove the Quit command from all menus and key commands! “Quit” must be immediately replaced with the following, “Temporarily and Reluctantly Exit Cubase for now (sniff!)” This is a non-negotiable requirement for any future upgrades from me! Count on it!

Qutting? There’s no %$#ing quitting.

I consider this the most essential update for the next version of Cubase!

Thank you.

That’s a slam dunk for Cubase 9, but on the off chance they don’t implement it, you can use the No Exit VST plugin from JPSartre GmbH. :wink:

Free would be a nice feature :laughing:

Agreed… :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the link, take care. :slight_smile:

I am warming the engines for the upcoming requests thread.

-all buttons on vintage comp
-an eq stand alone with visible hpf and lpf 6 12 18 24 48 slopes with a manual that tells you if it is minimum phase or not.
-better color palette
-color lines between markers like PT: marker (color)marker(collorb)marker.
-more easy big and non invasive + intuitive first page (that little box on the bottom right where u write project name is ridicolous to me).
->I dont know if this is possible, a super fast way to duplicate a group with the tracks-their inserts etc routed and to it as well.
->an la2a style comp.
-> the possibiliti to pin a plugin UI on the project window)
->a spring reverb
->a tilt eq filter
I could add more but with this it’d be perfect.