My TOP feature requests for Cubase Pro 11

  1. Ability to change project ruler height
  2. Adding multiple audio tracks with Ascending inputs
  3. Multi file type export
  4. Multi destination export
  5. Change the default EQ band frequencies AND Types (shelf->Par)
  6. Change the default vertical zoom of midi editor/vari-audio
  7. Renaming in mix console, hitting tab to rename next channel like on project window. (Like Logic)
  8. Mix console input/output channel zones as default (Like Cubase 5/6 etc.) (When you set an input to left zone, it stays there as default for the next project.
  9. Mix console Insert/Send plugin pictures like Luna
  10. Render in place/Render settings/Source track settings: Add -> “mute rendered event” as an option
  11. M4A import
  12. Vari Audio & Midi Quantize pitch/notes to a major key
  13. Multi-track Free warp
  14. Video import: more formats

Typically the established forum etiquette is to either make a new thread per request, and or and better, use the forum search to find and bump threads that already contain your same feature request. This gives devs a much better idea of what people are wanting, than having to read peoples individual lists and compare. These lists are typically ignored or moved to the ‘Steinberg Lounge’ forum.