My tracks sound distant on certain projects when they weren't before

Hi, my tracks sound different to what they should. Not on all projects but certain ones everything now sounds distant, echoey, unrobust. My set up is the same over all projects but again, on certain projects the sound has changed. Also, even when I’ve removed tracks and began another new one on “instument” like Halion Sonic SE the instrument is distant and echoey sounding as well.
I am new to cubase, just learning so I’m sure I’ve buggered up something, not only once have I accidently started up cubase without switching on my audio interface which caused issues, perhaps that mignt have something to do with it?
I know the explantation is vague but would anyoine know of a remedy to this issue of suddenly distant sounding tracks? Please.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure, there is no Insert effect on your Stereo Out channel.

Could it be that you are hearing reverb channels? Are your reverb sends pre-fader? If so, try moving them to post-fader.

Hi Ivo.

Did you use the Controll room? Sometimes the sound is different for everything than if you use the “normal” main output …


Control Room settings is global. If it would be in the Control Room, then it would appear in all projects.

Yes - I know, but if you switch between CR and the main out routing it could appear in some projects and others not, where you don’t use it…
That’s at least what happen to me once or twice :sweat_smile: