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Rio Bandarossa ft. Kenny B: In Mi Ay EP sounds great! the first 2 songs sounded like microtonic presets or something so I skipped them but that Rio one sounds professional.

ThnX What is Microtonic? I use a Voyager, Prophet08, Nepheton & Drumazon and Virus Ti Desktop
mix with Waves API collection & SSL Duende.

I never use presets or loops, I program all drums & percussion myself and have my own “go to” patches for my synths, which i designed once and for some reason often grab back to :smiley:

check it out

I follwed Samicide’s lead, and listened to Rio Bandarossa ft. Kenny B: In Mi Ay

That was up there with the best I’ve heard in that style. I saw the soundcloud comments about how you’d integrated those vocal bits. Yup. ‘He’ and the rest of the ‘band’ were bouncing off each other’s energy and ramping it up something sick.

All the best

ThnX Man! yes there was a huge vibe during tracking and mixing of “In Mi Ay”

This is the singer BTW