My Update problem ?!?!?

I bought and installed the cubase 11 to 12 update. My problem is that eLicenser does not update to 12 and sends a message that your cubase does not have the ability to update to 12?!?!? It’s very strange to me because I installed cubase 12 and I use it without any problems. I activated and use Steinberg Activation Manager through the newly installed program, but I have a problem with updating in my eLicenser program, and next to my Cubis 11 name, it says that it is not upgradeable, and it is interesting that this message came after the update. I used to simply update to newer versions, and only this time I ran into this problem. Thank you for your help. Really, this cubase 11 non-updated Licenses has just been added to my account and it was not before ?! . Thank You

This is may be bug on there programme ,contact the developers team
maybe they will able to solve this one

The eLicenser is not used anymore, it will not show the Cubase 12 release. There is a new licensing system, you can find the full description in the english speaking forum. Steinberg has posted a long text explaining how that works. See here:

Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

The Cubase 11 on your eLicenser is marked not upgradeable because you did that now to the new Cubase 12 release and you can upgrade only once.
So what you see is correct.

BTW: You are posting in a german speaking forum, there is also the same in english.